Inspired by natural shapes of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, FLO DESK was designed using the finest elements and digital modelling software. Its perfect lines are achieved through a complex layering of precious materials using state-of-the-art robotic tools.

The minimal aperture positioned on one side of the desk allows for all cables to discreetly hide within FLO DESK, allowing the owner to easily plug into power sources and other IT ports without altering the purity of the lines.

FLO DESK is made of 174 layers assembled vertically, with black edges, to create a complex, yet fluid, optical illusion.

[L/W/H] in cm 260x92x76 - [L/W/H] in inches 102x36x 30

Inspired By Nature

The Wadi Rum desert in Jordan is forever an inexhaustible source of inspiration for writers, cinematographers, designers, artists and any creative souls who have come across it.

FLO DESK emulates the shape of the Wadi Rum grand rock bridges that are formed through the slow movement of water over millions of years. In the same vein, the layers present on FLO DESK allude to the horizontal lines featuring on the gigantic mountains scattered across the desert. In a very distant past, this region was a flourishing ocean bed. The striped 3D printed-like structures which remain today are the testimony of this evaporation process where sedimentation took place. With FLO, HSD pays tribute to some of nature's most breath-taking creations.