Please touch the art!

FLO OFF is an interactive sculpture designed for a public space that invites people to create their own works of art with a light push of its floating disks. The large-scale sculpture moves to create ephemeral fluid forms alluding to the versatile technology of 3D printing and digital fabrication.

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FLO OFF was officially launched in Amman Design Week 2016, located in the heart of Amman at the Jordan Museum

With a push of a finger!

The extremely heavy sculpture moves with the lightest touch.
The 3 meter (10ft) tall sculpture consist of 27 white wooden disks and
with its 3 meter (10ft) diameter base weighs a total of 1.5 tons (3,300 lb).


FLO OFF was featured in the New Think Festival 2016 that took place in the King Hussain Park, Amman.


Tango with the seductress

FLO OFF X is a chanteuse in sculpture-form. The progressional piece embodies fluidity of sound and movement, beckoning one to participate and direct the performance.

At 10 meters tall, this piece consists of 30 disks demonstrating exponential growth in size. Lights trace its curves, giving the discs an illusion of defying gravity, so that with the gentlest touch, the structure displays an ethereal flow.

Strings braided within the discs harmonize with its rippling structure, adding a component of sound. The result is an eccentric combination of vibrant movement, alluring music, and playful charm, unique to dancers and observers alike.


Hand of the divine

Inspired by nature’s precision, FLO OFF GOLD is designed to offer unique combinations of shadows, shape and sound. The piece gives its audience the power of genesis, putting the divine proportion in your guiding hands.

The progressional piece is towering at 12 meters high, and constructed using 8 wooden cylinders which grow in proportion to the golden ratio. The segments hover on top of one another, lighting each other at different angles, allowing one to experiment with a dimension of light and shadow.

A sonic element also breathes life into the piece. Each movement plucks at musical strings within the structure, giving the gentle giant a unique voice moved by a single touch.

FLO OFF In your city

Contact us to inquire about owning FLO OFF in your city.

To ensure the uniqueness of the FLO OFF sculpture, each piece will be adapted by our designers to the space it sits in through variations in size, colors and materials, limited to one per city.

By purchasing FLO OFF you will help fund our ongoing research as well as support the
Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development
to improve the local education in Jordan and the Middle East.