As an architecture & design firm dedicated to originality and challenging standard norms, we strive to develop the built environment in ways that adapt to modern day living and attempt to introduce alternative perspectives on what has been preconceived as standard. We start from scratch on every project and push it as far as we can while conforming to the highest international standards.



Green is not just a color to us, it is a way of life. We recognize that a green building is simply a well-designed smart building blurring the line that separates green design from architectural design. Our buildings save energy and water and promote personal health by naturally connecting to their surrounding environments. We design for humans.


Collaborating with experts in different fields and industries is second nature to us. Our network boasts a plethora of highly qualified professionals that contribute in specialized ways to our projects. More often than not, we produce work that could have not been conceived without this mixture of expertise.


We believe in the importance of promoting positivity in the world. This is a guiding principle in the conception of our design work where elements of fun, surprise and excitement are key targets. We also try to bring the same attitude into our workplace with its lime green floor and writable walls.

notable projects

HSD's portfolio includes prominent projects such as the Cancer Centre in Tangier, Morocco, for Lala Salma, Queen of Morocco, the new office building for EDRAAK - Queen Rania Foundation in Amman, Jordan, the H&L concept stores in Paris, France, the Amman General Hospital in Jordan, the Central Hospital of Sudan in Al Khartoum as well as the Canvas Dubai Marina in the UAE.



The interactive map below shows our fingerprint on the world


Based in Amman, Jordan, our team consists of passionate architects who work in a collaborative environment that promotes positivity and constant innovation of ideas. No challenge is ever big enough.


the team

Hanna salameh

Founder & Design Director


Associate & Projects Director


Lead Architect


Lead Site Architect


External Affairs Coordinator


Interior Architect




hanna salameh

Founder & Design Director

Hanna Salameh is adamant about developing a new perspective on the production of modern architecture that is both relevant and specific to its context and culture while breaking architectural stereotypes and challenging social norms. He is a sustainability enthusiast who has developed projects of high energy efficiency and environmental consciousness, with the main focus on the health benefits that are associated with smart green design. Hanna practices his passion for filmmaking and theatre by acting, directing and art directing in both film and theatre most recent of which were My Fair Lady and Oliver! In Arabic.

He also hosts a reality TV show on titled May o Taqa o Fraata (Water, Energy and Change) transforming houses to save energy and water and become healthier living environments. Hanna has lectured at notable institutions including McGill University, Canada, The International Amman Academy (IAA), Jordan, the Modern Montessori School (MMS), Jordan, The Greater Amman Municipality, the Jordanian Engineers Association and several others. He received both his bachelors (B.Arch) and Masters (M.Arch) degrees in architecture from McGill University in Canada.

Bissan Chalich

Associate  & Projects Director

Bissan Chalich is an Associate and the Projects Director at HSD. A senior architect with vast experience in several fields such as hospitality, residential, and healthcare design; each one of Bissan’s projects represents her worldly personality and positive attitude. Due to her strong communication skills and problem solving techniques, Bissan’s expertise was the reason projects around the world come to life. Her technical know-how has notably evolved over the 20 years she’s been in the industry, making her the ideal candidate for any project regardless of scale, scope, or budget.

With an artistic eye for detail, Bissan’s work captures the ingenuity of architecture along with functionality of design. A graduate of architecture from Damascus University in Syria, she went on to complete a course of Comprehensive Project Management at McGill University, Canada where she earned PMP credentials in 2014. She also achieved the Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) in 2016.