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Most people experience art from a passive distance. Going against this trend, FLO OFF is a sculpture that has been specifically designed to evolve with human interaction. Made from digitally manufactured discs of solid wood, assembled on a stainless-steel spine, HSD invites passers-by to express their creativity by touching it. Adults and children can design their own ephemeral sculpture, at a push of a finger. While all discs are perfectly symmetrical, the shape of FLO OFF itself is ever-changing, each time one of its layers is effortlessly pushed, making the art alive and unique at the same time.

With a push of a finger!
FLO OFF is an imposing 1.5 ton, 3 meters (10ft) high sculpture, consisting of 27 interlinked discs. With a gentle touch, the sculpture moves organically, reinventing itself each time into a new form. reinventing itself each time into a new form.

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