We have worked on a proposal for the Jordan Gate project that has been on hold for around seven years. Due to the many issues that would arise had this project continued on it’s original track, our proposal radically changes the purpose of the towers and offers a solution that promotes sustainability and contributes positively to Amman and Jordan as a whole. We are calling it the Jordan Gate Park.

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Special thanks to Greyscale Films for letting us film in their studio!

The Video Script in English

As requested, for those of you who were not able to see the english translation, below is the full script:

Amman, Its time to talk!
The Jordan Gate towers project is a big problem and it is time we fix it.
My name is Hanna Salameh, and I represent a team of architects in this video.
This project has many problems. First of all, this site used to be a public park that was sold to investors to build these towers.
Since we have lost the park in all cases, I believe we have been lucky that the construction has been on hold for 5 years, as it’s location wouldn’t have supported the planned offices, commercial spaces and hotelboth in terms of traffic and infrastructure.
As a Amman-based architecture firm, we decided to suggest a radical solution to this problem that could turn this potential disaster into a positive project that contributes to the sustainability of the country.
Jordan has big energy and water problems. We can use these towers to fix part of these problems.
Let me show you how.

We start by removing most of the glass that currently encases the buildings. We won’t throw them away, I will let you know what we are doing with the 25,000 panels that we removed in a bit.
We all know the PV panels that convert the sunlight into electrical energy. We are placing them on the south facades of the towers.
Just to give you an idea, the facades can accommodate 1,500 panels. This is as if we have placed 8 panels on every house between the 6th circle to the 7th!
On another note, the towers have shafts for elevators and services. Since they are 180m tall, if we create openings at the bottom, the pressure from the speed of the wind at the top will produce strong currents within the shafts.
We will install turbines that transform this movement into electrical energy as well.

Now, The most important thing we want to do in this project is a global concept called urban farming. Which allows us to turn these towers into vertical farms right in the middle of the city.
Lets go in.
First of all, I want to use some of the power we generated to turn the lights on.
The idea is that we would turn every floor into a farm with an area of 2,500 sqm. We would give them to farmers who can plant productive plants such as cucumbers and tomatoes that feed from the natural sunlight and the low-consumption LED lights.
We can use the floors where we kept the glass as controlled environments that allow us to plant fruits and vegetables that don’t exist in Jordan.
Since we are using artificial lighting that remains lit 24/7, production speed is doubled. We can also plant on two or more levels and double the production even further.
To give you an idea, if we plant these towers with a total are of 200,000m2, it’s as if we transformed the whole area from the 6th to the 7th circle into a farm in the middle of the city. Imagine how much fresh air this will produce!

Of course another important thing we will do is to turn the site back into a public park. For weekend BBQs and such.

All of the rain falling on the site will be collected in the building’s tanks to be used to water the plants.

As you know, the area surrounding the two towers already has a traffic congestion problem. The project currently only has 4 floors for parking within it! Which would have not been sufficient for all the cars of this project. They would have had to park outside and made matters worse.
If we implement our idea, the number of people visiting the site will decrease dramatically. Therefore, we suggest keeping the bottom three floors for their parking as well as extra space for the cars in the area to reduce congestion.
Let me show you what we are doing with the first floor.
Rather than keeping it a dark grim space, we want to create openings in its ceiling to admit sunlight and connect it to the park above.
Now, remember the 25,000 glass panels that we removed from the towers? We will use 10,000 of them to create partitions within this floor.
We will dedicate the largest part of this floor to a market that will allow the farmers of the towers to sell their produce directly to the consumers.
This will not only translate into super fresh products, but also cheaper produce because we eliminate the middleman between the farmer and the consumer and saves energy on shipping it into the city or even the country.
In another part, we want to create a green gym with sports equipment that generate electricity while exercising, and keeps people healthy.
Of course, we will use a small area to explain how the project works and educated the public further about green design and energy and water saving.

We still have 15,000 glass panels! We will take them out of the project to build 1,900 bus stops in Amman and the kingdom. We can also use them to promote tips of energy and water saving to create further awareness.

There is a lot more we can do with these towers. Like creating a viewing deck on the top floor to enjoy the beautiful views of Amman.
We can even open a restaurant on top that serves food cooked from the delicious organic products of the towers.
Of course we can do a lot more such as bungee jumping, zip-lining, roller coasters and anything you want.

There’s one more thing. The building’s neighbors are complaining from the reflected glare on their houses. Since we are removing the glass, this problem goes with them.

So as you can see, we are hitting about 15 birds with one stone. Most importantly, we are protecting our city from a big problem and transforming these two towers into a positive project that generates power, produces food and gives us back our park.
You must note that all of this will generate a lot of money for the owners of the project. It will cover the initial investment, and keep producing power and food forever.
Noting also, that the cost of implementing the ideas we are suggesting is less than finishing the originally planned project.

Lets turn these towers into a landmark that represents progress and sustainability. Their presence will raise awareness on issues of energy and water.
Through them we can prove to the world that we can learn from our mistakes and turn them into big positives for our city and country.
Help us make this vision a reality. Connect with us through our website or Facebook or Twitter using the #JordanGatePark.

Thank you.


  • George KHoury says:

    Great Idea. Full support. I am passing this to my contacts to gain support.

  • Great Idea
    How can we help make this happen

  • Rajae Qandah says:

    We are you guys going to start doing this ?

  • Joud Khasawneh says:

    الله يعطيكم العافية على هذا التمرين الفكري القوي واللازم للفت النظر الى أساليب مستدامة وجميلة أكثر مما هو .
    مطروح، وهناك الكثير من المشاريع الممكنة في اماكن اخرى يمكن العمل عليها

    God bless you!!!

  • Ahmad sarrawi says:

    مشروع اروع من الروعة، بتمنى من الحكومة والقطاع الخاص ياخذوه بعين الاعتبار وما يهملوه
    كل الدعم

  • Saeed Omar says:

    Prepared to take you on board with our startup accelerator for funding, legalities and business development. Would love to support to make sure you build this in the most sustainable way. Send me an email with your contacts [email protected]

  • Dema Haddadin says:

    This is the most amazing idea have ever heard! I will spread the word to my Jordanian community here in Canada…way to go Jordanian minds…always you make us proud…

  • Hakam says:

    Great Idea, I suggest starting a petition on https://www.change.org/petitions

  • RANDA RABIE says:

    Love the idea and agree please let’s do it ASAP


  • Saad says:


    I think the only concern we still have to make this happen is the “OWNERSHIP” of those two towers, as more than one company own that property and its hard a bit to give every company their portion of the amount invested or maybe some will ask for more to make a profit.

    I would love to see the GoJ role to solve this out.

    Good luck,

  • Amal Hiassat says:

    Great Idea ????

  • saeed al bawab says:

    اهنيكوم على هذه المبادرة الرائعة اذا كان لديكوم اي استفسارت عن الزراعة الحضرية نحن مستعدون لتقديم دراسة جدوى او الاجابة عن اي استفسارات

  • Sameer M. Shadid says:

    simply amazing !! how can we help make this possible? money ? funding? social media?
    Pllllease let us know 🙂

  • Antoine Stephan says:

    This is a brilliant, great idea.
    Full support for your proposal & solution.

  • Samia Doany says:

    This is incredible, creative, practical and environment-friendly.. I hope it will be functioning as soon as possible as it is VITAL to that impossible and to Amman. All the best to you..

  • لبنى ابوغوش says:

    يعني ماشاء الله عليكم والله يحميكم وان شاء الله يارب بتحقق هالمشروع وفيه يتحققوا حلمكم وبتنقذوا البلد وبتنعشوا البلد والشعب بهالمشروع

    الله يوفقكم ويكونلكم عون


  • Manar says:

    مشروع وفكره رائعه
    ما هي الطريقه لدعم المشروع

  • Karina says:

    This is superb and great idea !! I wish they do it all what he explained in this video … plus this project will bring a lot of other visitors, tourist to come in Amman and have a look at it… All the best and hope to see this project coming to reality.

  • Suzan says:

    Great Idea! I loved the positivity and the great way of presenting it. How can we support ?!

    Please please please dont pay attention to the negative comments and “طفسيشن” policy. And keep up your great spirit! You will do great!

    I wish this project would go live someday!

    Best best of luck for you guys!

  • Reem says:

    Great Idea …. Best of luck …..

  • علاء عباسي says:

    رائع جدا

  • Hani A. says:

    That’s amazinggggggg!!

  • Rami El Saifi says:

    Agree with the idea 100 %

  • kais hawari says:

    this is a great project tell us how to help hope it becomes a reality

  • Hasan khalaf says:

    Beautiful idea gd luck

  • Ahmed Alshalati says:

    ‏اقتراح متواضع وهو الاكوابونك وهوبركة اسماك في الحديقه او طابق ويستفاد منه بري المزروعات والنشاما الي عملو هالدراسه اكيد بيعرفو فيها ولكن للتذكير

  • mohammed imam says:

    Very nice idea wish you luck

  • abdulrazzaq arabiat says:

    Great idea really appreciated & full support,
    but it needs investors & governmental support good luck I hope it will come true in my lovely Amman

  • Jumana Daoud says:

    Brilliant idea ,full support ,and yes for creative youth that will lead us to positive change.

  • Mothanna says:

    This is such amazing work ….what can we do make it come to life… How can we help?

  • eng.Ibrahim althaher says:

    الله يعطيكم العافية حقيقة افكار رائعة يا ريت ما تتطبق بس على بوابة الاردن بل تتطبق في جميع انحاء المملكة كل الشكر لالكم شغل رائع وكل الدعم مهندسينا

  • Rosemary says:

    Bravo, I hope you succeed ! Wonderful idea

  • Rema says:

    Great job really appreciated , full support
    Good luck

  • Abeer Odatallah says:

    It is a great idea. So, what do you need to make it done!

  • Lara Kanan says:

    This is extraordinary, and exactly what Jordan needs. Great idea, I hope it works out.

  • This is a fantastic idea! Saad mentioned a very important point above in reference to the current owners of the building. Do we know who they are, and who has majority share? Also, I run a solar company out of Washington DC and would love to provide any support i can for the solar PV portion of the project.

  • Hashem Sabbagh says:

    Amazing initiative that would make the whole country/region proud!

    To help with the funding: Why not raise money through a crowdfunding campaign and have collective owners own a part of the project (certain floors). This would add to the community feeling of the building and ensure that the project is owned by a large number of jordanians. I bet a lot of people will support it.

  • Sameh Kanaan says:

    Congratulations to all members of the ream who came up with this idea(s). It is a first step in a mile-long journey to implement these ideas.
    A professional feasibility study addressing details and costs should be done ASAP.
    Next step is to get the government (Amman Municipality?) on board to sponsor the project. Present stake holders in the property should also come on board or agree to sell the property . The needed funds could be raised by offering a Bond to the banks and to the public. A realistic cost analysis and cash flow study and implementation schedule is also needed. We have enough professional engineering talents in Jordan to overcome any technical hurdle.
    Sign me up for this project.

  • محمد says:

    فكرة رائعه و كل ما ذكر فيها اروع

    لكن سؤالي كيف رح يطلعو المزارعين ع الطوابق و كيف رح ينزلو المزروعات

    انتم لغيتم الوسيله

  • Mohammad. says:

    Great innovative ideas. I bet with a proper business plan together with a carefully planned road show to targeted qualified investors this idea could be sold in no time Inshallah. Would love to help if needed.

  • Shams khalil says:

    Great idea ?? full support

  • Sawsan wafiq says:

    What about agrecultural economy and farmers who destroy their crops because they can’t bare great loss to cover their expenses ; would this project affect them to leave their lands and find other jobs ?

  • Moe says:

    كلام خيالي !
    – المشروع موقف عشان ما في مصاري يكمل عشان يعملو مكاتب و فندق راح يجبلهم ربح كتيرمنيح بتجي بتحكيلهم إزرعوه بندوره و خيار !!
    – تكلفة الألواح الشمسيه أكتر من تكلفة إنهاء المشروع !!
    – البرج مصنوع من زجاج معماري مش مكعبات ليجو مش فك و ركب، تكلفة الفك عاليه هاد إذا كانو بينفكو أصلان !!
    و ضيف كلفت تركيب الإضاءة
    – مقترح خيالي لتجميع المياه إلى لو جمعتها ما راح تكفي ١ بالميه من إحتياجات الزراعة.
    – إذا المبنى بتحمل وزن التراب والمزروعات ليش ما تحط هاي التكلفه بزراعة الأراضي إلى رح نجيب الرمل منها و بدل ما تعمل عماره رحتها طالعا بنص البلد روح إزرع بالجنوب أو الشمال و حط بيوت بلاستيكيه بنص هاي التكلفه و بتنفع أهالي هاديك المناطق
    كنا راح نكون مبسوطين إذا في حد بفكر لمنفعة البلد، بس مش حلو نرسم خطط خياله و ننشرها عشان نعمل دعايه لحالنا أحنا عارفين إنها مستحيل تنجح، بس شو أوف

    • John Doe says:

      Have you heard of hydroponics and hydroculture? If not, check out vertical farming. this is not completely out of reach. I do agree with you on the premise that the video promotes a happy path without any financial analysis but in all honesty, its an idea, and putting it down out of the get go makes you sound like a troll. No one said its gonna happen tomorrow nor did I see your elaborate cost analysis report. Take a chill pill dude …

  • Omar Alqam says:

    This is the best Idea, it is evolutionary. And I am offering to help make this project work for what ever it cost.

  • د. عاصم الشهابي says:

    مشروع تحويل البرجين الى حديقة الأردن الخضراء، مشروع فيه كل الأبداع والروعة والجمال ، وقابل للتنفيذ بتكلفة قليلة وسيحل مشكلة بقاء البرجين قائمين كمعلم غير حضاري لفشل التنفيذ في أدارة امشاريع الكبيرة في الأردن .
    أتمنى على القائمين على المشروع بأرساله الى جلالة مللك الأردن لأنه الشخص الوحيد الذي يمكن أتخاذ القرا الحازم بتنفيذ المشروع وباسرع وقت ممكن . وسيصبح البرجين معلما سياحا لزوار الأردن ، وسيظهر براعة أهل الأردن في تنفيذ مشاريع مبتكرة لا مثيل لها في عالمنا الحاضر. أحي القائمين على المشروع، وأتمنى لهم كل التوفيق والنجاح.

  • Ruba malkawi says:

    افكار رائعه و جميله جداً يا ريت لو اعطوا المهندسين الشباب الي زيك الثقه وتركوهم يشغلوا و ينفذوا هيك افكار لانه في الأردن احنا بحاجه للمهندسين الشباب ولأفكارهم و بتمنى انها افكاركم تنفذ

  • الياس خباز says:

    فكره رائده ولكن دونها عقبات كثيره منها على سبيل المثال :
    قابلية تطبيق جميع اﻻفكار الوارده كونها مترابطه مع بعض.
    كلفة المشروع والعائد اﻻستثماري على المساهمين.
    تمويل المشروع من من سكان المنطقه او من امانة عمان او من الحكومه او من خليط من الجميع.
    راى اصحاب المشروع اﻻصليين ا وموافقتهم ومشاركتهم.
    المده الزمنيه الﻻزمه للتنفيذ.
    قابلية تنفيذ االتعديﻻت الجوهريه على التصميم اﻻساسي
    دراسة جدوى اقتصاديه واجتماعيه لتسهيل التمويل.
    واخيرا الرجاء من القيمين على الفكره اعطاؤنا فكره اوليه عن كلفة هكذا مشروع .
    الياس خباز

  • أحمد عبدالله الدقس says:

    من الجيد تدريب العقل على التطوير…
    ولكن حسب فكرتكم ألغيتم المصاعد من أجل تدفق الهواء؟! إذا يجب عمل مصاعد بديلة من أجل خدمة مقترحاتكم خاصة وأنك ستحتاج ل مصعد ذو آحمال عالية من أجل التربة والناتج من الزراعة ناهيك عن صعود المغامرين للقفز والمزارعين وخلافه…
    انتم لم اعتقدتم أنكم تخلصتم من الزحمة اللتي سيولدها وجود مكاتب…!! مخطئين. ..فالزحمة وحجم الزائرين لهذه الفكرة أكبر بكثييير وأضف لذلك دخول كم هائل من سيارات النقل والداينا والبكب وبدلا من أن تكون منطقة جميلة هادئة ستحولها لحسبة ودوشة.
    هل فكرتم في الميزانية اللتي ستصرفها لتحويل الطوابق أماكن صالحة للزراعة؟! من عزل وتصريف ناهيك عن اﻷ حمال الزائدة بسبب التربة والمياه؟!! هل الأبراج مهيئة انشائيا”؟
    في حال العواصف كيف ستحمي التراب من أن يطاير على رؤوس من في المناطق المجاورة؟ !
    أعتقد لو فكر الملاك لتحويل اﻷبراج لشقق سكنية فخمة جدا ووسيعة جدا وبيعت لﻷثرياء والمستثمرين من الخارج ربما سيكون أفضل وأهدأ وتحول أدوار منه لمسابح وجيم وتسوق خاص وصبا ربما يكون أقرب للواقع.
    تحياتي لكم فكرتكم رائعة ولكن في زمن ومكان آخرين.

  • Shereen Hamdy says:

    Brilliant & innovative idea, also for once an enterprise that’s actually beneficiary to the community.

  • Ghazi Masoud says:

    Great ideas

  • Ghazi Masoud says:

    Great Ideas congratulations

  • Louai Halteh says:

    Impressive thinking, with smart utilisation for the dead ugly space, spot on!! Full support !

    I have some ideas to share in order to make this happen… you can communicate with me on my email
    Best of luck !!

  • Issam Bashour says:

    This project shows the forward thinking of the Jordanian people. If the study shows that it is feasible; execution should be done without much delays.
    Like Petra, it will become another national emblem for Jordan.

  • Norma Talhouni says:

    Brilliant idea , so proud of your progressive thinking , can’t wait to see it happen , go for it it’ll be the most amazing thing that happened regarding architecture and progress in Jordan.

  • Ahmad Zoubi says:

    I really appreciate your idea and the fact that the young generation in Jordan started to think out of the box. However, I don’t think the suggested proposal is as ideal as explained. Specifically, I don’t think that the proposed project revenues will cover its expenses.

    I would rather us (the Jordanian people) putting pressure on the government to put pressure on the original investors of this project to either get it done or sell it for cheap to someone who can make it a successful real estate business.

  • laila Amarneh AlMuhaisen says:

    فكرة رائعة و لازم تعملوا عريضة ترفعوها لرئاسة الوزرا وامانه عمان

  • Huda Ayyoub says:

    This is brilliant .. Please do NOT lose hope on this idea ..
    Amman needs this idea badly .. keep up the hard work .. and we are all with you by word and heart ..

  • shereen says:

    A wonderful project…would work lovely on Kickstarter!

  • H. T. F says:

    Good idea but — difficult to execute.
    Maybe just as good is to turn it into a Government center containing many Ministries and other public service centers thus saving the public of driving all over our much crowded streets to get a stamp here and a signature there – but miles away.
    This way we reduce the Gigantic stress caused to the public in pursuing usual documentation. Thus can include an office for Land and Notary Public, Certifying birth docs and and driving licenses – renewing passports and issuing ID’s and tens of other departments. This way we save time and great deal of money that is burned with the Gasoline consumed while driving around. It helps avoid car accidents and repairs – in addition to time wasted waiting for Police rep to issue drawings and reports for such accidents. So many benefits to the public and the government.
    I know many will find it easy or fun to criticize this Centralizing idea – but you can’t argue with success – so many other countries adopt such arrangement, both Public and government.

  • Ahmad Abdeljawad says:

    Very Good idea .. I hope it’s come’s true good luck .. All the support

  • Brilliant innovative outstanding and very advanced Idea that matches the human mind evolution of the modern technical and scientific revolution. It is a gigantic leap towards promising future. After all it is a challenge to the Jordanian (probably universal) core of engineers.

  • daoud kuttab says:

    great idea. How can we help. Radio al Balad is happy to have you talk on this issue on air.

  • Ruweida says:

    Very creative and positive and productive. Super of you to bring this out: They are an embarrassment these two buildings.

    I was wondering, is there any way some of the left over glass could be used to assist marginalised people and family who need windows replaced in their homes? Also, won’t bus stops made of glass be hot in the summer and cold in winter?

  • Isam S. A. says:

    The Devil is in the details, and I am afraid there are lots & lots of crucial details that are not even mentioned here. The idea ‘sounds’ very good – but I am afraid once you look at its implementation, you will hit bigger walls than the current project did.
    Anyhow – good luck – I loved the idea – but without major financial support I don’t believe its doable. Great and commendable of you to address & start a nice discussion about the problem.

  • Sally Bland says:

    This is a wonderful idea and seems workable. Living about two blocks away from these monstrosities, I feel some of the anger I have harbored for a number of years melting away along with the worry about what all that congestion would have meant for our lives. I don’t have any special skills that I can imagine you need to make it a reality but would like to help if possible.

  • mohammed alqwasmi says:

    go for it full support

  • RiMa says:

    Waoo,,,amazing guys, amazing ideas,, hope it works ,, we’ll finally have something useful fun and healthy in this country ?

  • Sarah says:

    Thank you! Thank you!

    Be the change that you want to see!
    Thank you for the positive vibe that you brought to my kids and I watching this.

    Just the thought and all the great work that you put on this is AMAZING.

    Idea: “Family planting day”, “Kids garden”.

    If I can be of any help, let me know.


  • Mira Haddad says:

    Thank you soooo much for this idea, if you could tell how you would like to be supported to make this happen.

  • المعمار سامح صافي says:

    فكرة اكثر من رائعة, اتمنى لكم التوفيق, هذا المشروع اثار الاشمئزاز من اليوم الاول.
    فكرتم ستجعل من البرجين معلما حضاريا نفاخر به.
    يجب على الجميع دعمكم لانجاح الفكرة.

  • Hussain Aziz- VOICE "Vetrens Of Iraqi Concerned Engineers" says:

    Great project that needs investors of grand scale to embark on priority action of the following;1- Legal status on ownership of the towers ie Conduct due diligence 2- The proposed project to be presented as “Identification document” whereby study of alternatives to be conducted to prove the proposed project is the most viable option .3- “Definition document” to provide a proposed schedule of implementation with incidents of expenditure from inception to completion +_30%accuracy due to the huge amount of uncertainties at this stage .4- “Implementation Document ” to provide more accuracy say +_15% based on preliminary design Front End Engineering “FEED” .it is at this important stage that information is available to investors /finance banks / Governments to show any interest if any.

    Hussain Aziz I salute Hanna Salameh design team and offer my services as Project Management Consultant free of charge for this ambitious project.

  • Bella says:

    This guy knows nothing in engineering.

  • tarek khalaf says:

    الفكرة جميلة احتاج الى رقم المهندس او ان يتصل بي 0799617071
    يمكني ان اساعد

  • Asma Jarrar says:

    Full support ! Best wishes that it is soon a reality …allah yi7meekom …

  • Eman daour says:

    بصراحة….آلمني الفيديو اتمنى النجاح لهذه الرؤية.”…..اتخيل لو انكم ببلد غير بلانا العربية كانت هذه “الفكرة نفذت ع الفور

  • Ahlam Safi says:

    ان شاءالله لما اربح اللوتري الامريكي راح اتبنى هالمشروع واخليكم تنفذوه…يا خساره في هيك افكار بتجنن عند شبابنا الاردنيين وما في حد يقدرها…وكله علشان اردن اجمل واحلى

  • Jad says:

    السلام عليكم
    الأخ حنا سلامه وفريقه المحترمين
    ارجوا التواصل معي على الايمال المذكور مع ذكر ارقام
    الاتصال وبشكل فوري وسريع
    جاد عوّاد

  • No says:

    للأسف الشديد خسرتم مشروع بتكلفه 5,000,000,000 $ وقد تعتقدون انني امزح ولكن عندما آقوم بتوقيع العقد سوف أرسل لكم صوره عن قيمه المشروع لأنكم لم تاخذوا كلامي بجديه تامة

    عند الاستهتار بالتواصل مع شخص قد تكون خسرت الملاين من الدولارات

  • Samir says:

    للاسف منهدس حنا ما في حدا من المسؤوليين بده الاردن يطور لهيك الله يعطيك العافية وانا متأكد انك اتغربت واطلعت من الاردن حال كثير من الشباب الطموح يا اما بالخليج أو بأوروبا و أميركا لانه عندك عقل مهني محترف

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