Jordan Gate Park!

Jordan Gate Park!

We have worked on a proposal for the Jordan Gate project that has been on hold for around seven years. Due to the many issues that would arise had this project continued on it’s original track, our proposal radically changes the purpose of the towers and offers a solution that promotes sustainability and contributes positively to Amman and Jordan as a whole. We are calling it the Jordan Gate Park.

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The Video Script in English

As requested, for those of you who were not able to see the english translation, below is the full script:

Amman, Its time to talk!
The Jordan Gate towers project is a big problem and it is time we fix it.
My name is Hanna Salameh, and I represent a team of architects in this video.
This project has many problems. First of all, this site used to be a public park that was sold to investors to build these towers.
Since we have lost the park in all cases, I believe we have been lucky that the construction has been on hold for 5 years, as it’s location wouldn’t have supported the planned offices, commercial spaces and hotelboth in terms of traffic and infrastructure.
As a Amman-based architecture firm, we decided to suggest a radical solution to this problem that could turn this potential disaster into a positive project that contributes to the sustainability of the country.
Jordan has big energy and water problems. We can use these towers to fix part of these problems.
Let me show you how.

We start by removing most of the glass that currently encases the buildings. We won’t throw them away, I will let you know what we are doing with the 25,000 panels that we removed in a bit.
We all know the PV panels that convert the sunlight into electrical energy. We are placing them on the south facades of the towers.
Just to give you an idea, the facades can accommodate 1,500 panels. This is as if we have placed 8 panels on every house between the 6th circle to the 7th!
On another note, the towers have shafts for elevators and services. Since they are 180m tall, if we create openings at the bottom, the pressure from the speed of the wind at the top will produce strong currents within the shafts.
We will install turbines that transform this movement into electrical energy as well.

Now, The most important thing we want to do in this project is a global concept called urban farming. Which allows us to turn these towers into vertical farms right in the middle of the city.
Lets go in.
First of all, I want to use some of the power we generated to turn the lights on.
The idea is that we would turn every floor into a farm with an area of 2,500 sqm. We would give them to farmers who can plant productive plants such as cucumbers and tomatoes that feed from the natural sunlight and the low-consumption LED lights.
We can use the floors where we kept the glass as controlled environments that allow us to plant fruits and vegetables that don’t exist in Jordan.
Since we are using artificial lighting that remains lit 24/7, production speed is doubled. We can also plant on two or more levels and double the production even further.
To give you an idea, if we plant these towers with a total are of 200,000m2, it’s as if we transformed the whole area from the 6th to the 7th circle into a farm in the middle of the city. Imagine how much fresh air this will produce!

Of course another important thing we will do is to turn the site back into a public park. For weekend BBQs and such.

All of the rain falling on the site will be collected in the building’s tanks to be used to water the plants.

As you know, the area surrounding the two towers already has a traffic congestion problem. The project currently only has 4 floors for parking within it! Which would have not been sufficient for all the cars of this project. They would have had to park outside and made matters worse.
If we implement our idea, the number of people visiting the site will decrease dramatically. Therefore, we suggest keeping the bottom three floors for their parking as well as extra space for the cars in the area to reduce congestion.
Let me show you what we are doing with the first floor.
Rather than keeping it a dark grim space, we want to create openings in its ceiling to admit sunlight and connect it to the park above.
Now, remember the 25,000 glass panels that we removed from the towers? We will use 10,000 of them to create partitions within this floor.
We will dedicate the largest part of this floor to a market that will allow the farmers of the towers to sell their produce directly to the consumers.
This will not only translate into super fresh products, but also cheaper produce because we eliminate the middleman between the farmer and the consumer and saves energy on shipping it into the city or even the country.
In another part, we want to create a green gym with sports equipment that generate electricity while exercising, and keeps people healthy.
Of course, we will use a small area to explain how the project works and educated the public further about green design and energy and water saving.

We still have 15,000 glass panels! We will take them out of the project to build 1,900 bus stops in Amman and the kingdom. We can also use them to promote tips of energy and water saving to create further awareness.

There is a lot more we can do with these towers. Like creating a viewing deck on the top floor to enjoy the beautiful views of Amman.
We can even open a restaurant on top that serves food cooked from the delicious organic products of the towers.
Of course we can do a lot more such as bungee jumping, zip-lining, roller coasters and anything you want.

There’s one more thing. The building’s neighbors are complaining from the reflected glare on their houses. Since we are removing the glass, this problem goes with them.

So as you can see, we are hitting about 15 birds with one stone. Most importantly, we are protecting our city from a big problem and transforming these two towers into a positive project that generates power, produces food and gives us back our park.
You must note that all of this will generate a lot of money for the owners of the project. It will cover the initial investment, and keep producing power and food forever.
Noting also, that the cost of implementing the ideas we are suggesting is less than finishing the originally planned project.

Lets turn these towers into a landmark that represents progress and sustainability. Their presence will raise awareness on issues of energy and water.
Through them we can prove to the world that we can learn from our mistakes and turn them into big positives for our city and country.
Help us make this vision a reality. Connect with us through our website or Facebook or Twitter using the #JordanGatePark.

Thank you.

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